Why the group of guys walk 5km in the rain ?

2021-10-11 14:22:48 Kathy Deligreen 16

9th, October

Under the leadership of the CEO, the staff of DonWorry walked to the office of Deligreen on the autumn cool rainy afternoon.

DonWorry is a foreign trade company mainly selling GPS and Mobile phones. 

Then why do DonWorry come to  Deligreen on foot, covering a 5km distance? 

At the end of August, DonWorry and Deligreen agreeed to strive for a specific sales goal for the next month.

Then there was an invisible battle between the two companies in September. Eventually, both have made remarkable achievement, perfectly achieving the targets they had set before.

As Deligreen did better than DonWorry in both turnover and  proportion, who finished the sales goal over 43%, DonWorry came to visit Deligreen, congratulating and soluting to the opponent, sharing with each other the experience in sales and business.

Though the two emerging companies are in different fields, they have the same quality, being professional, honest, ambitious, and vigorous.

The month top salespersons of the two companies also shared their experience.

In the end,Mandy, the CEO of Deligreen, made a review and conclusion. 



The champion team