11th Anniversary Party of Deligreen

2021-10-03 13:26:11 Kathy DELIGREEN 1047

Sep 26,2021 is a special day for all Deligreen staff.

Deligreen welcomes its 11th anniversary.the party started from 17:00pm till 20:00,three hours.

The office was decorated with colorful balloons, shiny strings, full of joyful atmosphere. 

Employees’ family members were invited to attend the activity. 

All of the staff made a marvellous performance, such as singing a song in a dialect, girl-group dancing, 

talk show, Xiangsheng (also known as cross talk ) and comedy stretch. 

It is a unforgetable night in everyone's mind: funny moments and moving moments......

You must can't wait to seeing the video ;-D


CEO Mandy Chou  recalled the difficult years when she launched the company.  

Just Like that Steve Jobs started his business in the garage of his father, 

Mandy started her business in a small apartment in 2010. In the past 4 years, 

Deligreen is developing fast.The turnover is rising above 50% each year. 

Office from 45 square meters to 90 to 135 to 200 and larger. 

Warehouse from zero to five warehouses in Changsha Shenzhen, RU,PL,US.

All these can't go without hardworking of the team member,

can't go without the support by the family, and can't go without the trust and support from customers.

Mandy made a deep bow to everyone. 

From 2010, 11 years now! Deligreen is focus on the battery and battery parts all these years.

A group of people, focus on one thing, love it and contribute it for a whole life.

Made DIY battery easier. Help more people realize energy freedom.This is the motivation of the career for years.

Visions for the next 3 years: To be a leading brand in clean energy field.

Constantly improving service to customers. Constantly help employees grow.

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Deligreen is looking for more dealers wordwide.

Wish we can work together and provent global warming. 

Less carbon emmission, more clean and green energy--- this is our dream!