The most popular LFP batteries for solar system

2021-03-11 10:41:14 Deligreen 64

Solar power system becomes more and more important in your house.Many house owners hope to bulid a off-gfrid power system for

their house.Especially there is unstable power supply or you're keeping receiving high cost check sent from electricity corporation.


Due to the limitation of space,large cpacity cells are very popular with customers.

Deligreen is recommending some large capacity cells which placed orders most by customers.

Lishen 272ah cells

Deligreen Power

1Battery typeLithium battery——
2Battery modelLP71173207-272.0Ah——
3Size71.45mm*173.8mm*207.05mmIncluding terminals
5Nominal capacity ☆272.0Ah——
6Nominal power☆870.4Wh——
7Working voltage ☆2.5V~3.65V——
8AC internal impedence ☆≤ 0.3mΩNew battery,30%SOC,25±2℃
9DC internal impedence☆≤ 1.0mΩ50%SOC,2C,10s,25±2℃
10Max temperature of working

Charge0℃ ~ 55℃

Discharge-25℃ ~ 60℃
11Best temperature of working

Charge15℃ ~ 35℃——

Discharge15℃ ~ 35℃——
12Storage temperature

1  Month-40℃~ 45℃——

6  Month-20℃ ~ 35°C——
*The battery is stored under 20%-40%SOC or 3.275V~3.305V

Lishen is a well known manufacturer,who supplying both cylindrical and prismatic cells.The quality is stable,and sufficient 272ah capacity,

in fact it can reach 280ah when in use.Low 0.3minioms internal resistance.Most important,it's very economical.

16 pcs batteries can be produced a pack 48v 272ah,13kwh for your home.

EVE 280ah

280ah 5.jpg

EVE 280ah has been very hot in the market

Brand new cell,with QR code,sufficient capacity.Every battery was tested before shipment.

CATL 310ah


This buautiful batteries was supplied by CATL who sold most lithium batteries for EV in 2020.Compared to above mentioned lishen and EVE,CATL is more famous by its EV industry.

Undoubtly,its cell is very good for solar storage system.Deligreen supply screws and busbars for your DIY.

Deligreen always supply brand new cells for our customers.If you're an end user,we can supply you a DDP shipping service,no tax and duty,shipping to your door directly.