Deligreen Teamwork- -Excited Skiing with Lovely Beauty Girls

2020-12-15 17:59:20 Deligreen 91

Life always need some special and interesting things supported. Due to the Global Warming, snow seems less and less.

Almost all of us like snowing, because its only winter coming in.

In China, there is a saying said: Rare is precious. I think snow maybe just like this.

Last week, December 12th , 2020, Deligreen build a teamwork---Skiing.

We bought tickets first on mobile phone, then to the destination.

When we got to there, wow, amazing, the view really really beautiful through it is indoor, we love it.


Then we change ski suit and shoes, when see this fantastic view, we shocked and like a child feel very happy.

Skiing need bigger power, the shoes very heavy and some of us fall down time and time again, but nobody says: give up. 

Be brave, like our life always have troublesome, but we need to learn brave.


This beauty girl is Wendy, Sunny and Kelly, after skiing, we also goes some entertainment activity.


Big Smile --Wendy and Kelly.

Snow is white, we give them special meaningful word: pure and honest.

Finally, we take some beautiful pictures, in the middle, there is a 5 years old cute boy.

He likes snowman, and snowball fight.


Deligreen team picture, the red hat in the first line lady is Mandy,

she said: by this team activity, Deligreen makes more powerful. And want to do a better life, only working hard, so guys, fighting !!!