Deligreen Team Building on May29,2020

2020-05-30 11:35:36 Deligreen 64

Deligreen often has funny team building activities every month/season/year.

on May29, Deligreen team had several funny team games.

Through series of team building, it helps improving teamwork, team spirit, and boosting team performance.

Let's show what games we have played~~


Game 1: Archery

Game 2: Amoeba treasure hunt

Game 3:Pillow fight

Game 4: Touch the stone and cross the river

Game 2 and game 4 desparately need team spirit. Two groups are compete each other.

Everyone must join in. if you need to win the game,everyone must try hard.

Deligreen Power


it was rainy day but sunny in everyone's heart. 

it is like the game.Working in Deligreen, everyone plays an important role for the whole team.

Anyone doesn't perform well, the whole team maybe fail.

And Through these games ,we get to know each other better.

Mandy Chou,CEO of Deligreen, expect to build a team as a whole.

Having a reliable and excellent team ensure offering professional and efficient service to customers.