Deligreen Brand story

2019-10-24 18:06:07 Deligreen 70

I was born in a beautiful mountain village.

When i was eight years old. i had my first chance to come to the city.

i was surprised to see how dark the sky was.

from then on i wish i could do something to make the sky bluer and the air fresher.

That's where Deligreen comes in.

Deligreen means "Drive the world with green energy"

I have been in "Green energy" industry for over 10 years.

i never give up since i never forget my wish since i was 8.

Deligreen team was built in Jan 2018.

We are a new and young team with passion and dream.

Look for to working with more partners with the same value and dream in the world.

Let's work together and create a cleaner and better world


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